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The easiest way to make your nail polish matte is with steam. Paint your nails as you normally would do. Hold your hands for 5 seconds over the steam coming from boiling water, keeping them about 5 inches above the water. Be careful not to burn yourself and don't leave the nails near the steam for too long, or tiny condensation drop will start coming. Then you will see the magic happens.

The Fastest Way to Dry Your Nail Polish

Here's the trick to dry your nails faster. Dunk them in a ice-cold water for at least 3 minutes. The cold water dries polish, sealing and hardening it quickly.

Vitamin E for Skin

Vitamin EVitamin E Oil is extremely versatile. It is an antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin. Antioxidants are agents that neutralize the oxidants effect of free radicles, which are molecules that damage collagen & cause skin dryness, fine lines & wrinkles. Vitamin E oil promotes healing and prevents premature aging. It should be incorporated into a daily diet. Vitamin E oil is available at any drugstore. It comes in either liquid or capsule form. Capsules can be punctured to release the oil. Main food sources are vegetable oils, seeds and nuts.

So how can we get the most out of Vitamin E Oil?
Night Treatment: The Oil can be thick & greasy. So the best way to use it with the Olive Oil or coconut oil for smooth application & added therapy. Apply it at night before bedtime instead of night cream or moisturizer.
Dry Hair: Vitamin E Oil may increase circulation to the scalp & temporarily increased the blood flow which…