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Sunscreen- Why It's Necessary?

Excessive exposure to direct sunlight is potentially harmful and it can result in Sunburn if a person doesn't use suitable sunscreen. The Ozone layer is depleting and your body needs shielding from harmful rays. Sunlight contains Ultraviolet(UV) rays. Ultraviolet Radiation is the number one cause of Skin Cancer, Premature Ageing of the skin, and uneven pigmentation of the skin. Sun protection is guarding your body from the adverse effect of sunlight. Sunscreens are products used to reduce amount of UVA and UVB that's is absorbed by the skin. Prolonged Sun exposure gives no extra production of necessary Vitamin D, in fact it exposes the skin to the harmful effects of Ultraviolet radiation.

All skin types are prone to these effects, though Skin Cancer is most common in fairer skin types. However, Sunscreen should be used by everyone as a part of one's daily skin care regimen. Everyday application of sunscreen can slow or temporarily prevent the development of wrinkles and sag…

Benefits of Ginger for Hair Care

Benefits of Ginger for Hair Care
Ginger is a common staple ingredient in our kitchen, but who knew that it has got surprising benefits. It is known to have a long list of health benefits. Ginger is not only beneficial for your health but for your hair too!  In India where Ayurveda is trusted for healing diseases and health problems, it highly recommends the use of Ginger for hair growth treatment.
Benefits of Ginger:
Ginger has Vitamins, zinc, phosphorus, etc which helps in giving sheen to your hair.Pollution and excessive heat can cause damage to the hair follicles which results in split ends. Therefore ginger can be used for the treatment of damaged hair follicles.Dandruff is the most common problem among men and women. Ginger oil is very effective to get rid of dandruff naturally. You can mix olive oil with ginger oil and apply it on the scalp and leave it overnight.People, especially men, have a higher tendency to lose hair as they age. Hair loss can dramatically change how a person l…

DIY- Face Mask for Oily Skin

DIY- Face Mask for Oily Skin
Everyone loves a good skincare so do I. If your skin is oily or tends to breakout easily, try this homemade face mask. This mask will leave your skin looking beautiful and feeling soft at the same time.It works wonders for oily skin…so give it a shot and see how you like it! 
You will need: 1 medium size banana 1 tbsp Honey10 drops of Lemon Juice

Directions: Mash up a medium size banana in a clean bowl.Add Honey and Lemon juice and combine well.Apply mask to entire face and neck.Leave it for 15 minutes.Rinse it with lukewarm water.

DIY- Facial Mask For Dry Skin

Facial Mask for dry skin-Banana Irritated with the scaly and dry skin. Here's the homemade remedy. You can use a banana as a natural, home made facial mask. It moisturizes your skin and leaves it looking and feeling softer. Mash up a medium-sized ripe banana into a smooth paste, then gently apply it to your face and neck. Let it set for 10 to 20 minutes, then rinse it off with cold water. You can also boost it up by adding these things:  1/4 cup plain Yogurt,  2 tablespoons Honey,  and 1 medium Banana.